Headquartered in Perth, we have operational and support offices in Malaysia, Singapore and Italy.
We realigned our corporate goals to move into other areas of businesses to service our existing clients and new clients better.

REAL's capabilities include the provision of comprehensive and coordinated teams to manage offshore construction works on installation.

Our Marine Engineering division was established in Kuala Lumpur to provide engineering consultancy services to the oil and gas industry.

We have agents located worldwide. Our coal mines have been producing coal for Asia, Europe and China since 1985.

We explore and prospect the land, you choose what you like and buy from us, such as, the mining licence issued in our name.

We have on-going research and development work with scientists from government institutions and universities.

welcome to real offshore

Our organization prides ourselves for our technical and engineering expertise to deliver real results and services. Our customers around the world operate in a wide range of industries such as automotive, fishing, farming, oil and gas, mining, power generation, steel production, shipping and even food processing. They rely upon our established global network for supply of engineering expertise, commodities, metals and minerals, energy products and green solutions. Most recently, we have added “wing-in–ground” (WIG) and floating hotel as two very innovative ventures to serve the marine and offshore sector better.  

In addition to our own mining operations in coal and iron ore, we have emerged as a premier reliable commodity hub for a range of mining companies in Peru, Mexico, Brazil, Australia and Indonesia. We have been allocated substantial quantities of iron ore and coal for distribution by these mining companies. We strive to be a reliable and competitive business partners and suppliers in the market in which we serve and to support all our clients with excellent professional services.

We are also actively seeking distributors and partners worldwide for our innovative green technology which have multiple applications. Please feel free to contact us should you require any of our services. We look forward to serving you as your nucleus for all your mining, marine and offshore support services.

Yours sincerely

M.P. Baird / Dr R.S. Ting